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Shredder Mulcher for Oak Leaves- Toro Ultra Blower Vac 51609

Leaf Shredder Mulcher

The Toro 51609 Electric Leaf Blower is currently one of the most popular outdoor tools in its category. This variable speed blower comes with a quick release latch that makes it a whole lot easier for you to change your blower into a convenient vacuum when you want to. This tool comes with a sturdy metal impelller for leaves and a powerful vacuum that just sucks up paper, leaves and other debris around your home.

Leaf Shredder Mulcher- Vacuuming Leaves With The Toro Super Blower/Vac


 Get a Better Yard Easily with a Leaf Shredder Mulcher

Buying this product makes it easier to get all sorts of tasks around your home done in less time. It is light and easy to carry around with you and is ergonomically designed to help prevent damage to your arms, hands or back. You can keep your residence looking the way that you want it to without spending hours on yard work on hot days and it makes the entire process more enjoyable.

What's Included With Toro's 51609 Leaf Shredder Mulcher?

This sleek, quiet tool is covered by a 2 year warranty. Toro's leaf blower comes with the following:
  • A power unit
  • Blower tubes
  • Vacuum tubes
  • A vacuum bag

Clean Leaves Off Patio, Roof and Pool Cover- New Toro Blow/vac Ultra 


Pros of Using The Multifunctional Toro 51609 Electric Leaf Shredder Mulcher

The Toro Blower combines three different tools:
  • A powerful leaf blower
  • A vacuum which makes it easy to collect the leaves
  • A durable metal leaf shredder which allows you to mulch small debris in minutes

Leaf Shredder Mulcher- Switch From One Tool To Another Fast with the Quick Release Latch

Toro's 51609 tool can easily be changed form a leaf blower to a vacuum by using its handy Quick Release Latch. No tools are necessary and you can convert this device to a vacuum and back within seconds.

Use Oak Leaves for Mulch- How to Mulch Leaves In Spring and Fall with the Toro Leaf Shredder Mulcher

The Toro 51609 Electric Leaf Blower comes with a leaf shredder that allows you to turn leaves into mulch quickly. This will significantly reduce the size of your pile of leaves.
It is relatively easy to pack a huge pile of dry leaves into a pile that is over 90% more compact once the leaves have been cut into fine particles. The metal shredder is strong enough to mulch acorns as well. If you like to make compost for your plants, this blower will speed up the process of using leaves to do that.

Leaf Blower Shredder - Gas vs. Electric 

Leaf Shredder Mulcher- Toro 51609 Ultra 12 amp Variable-Speed (up to 235) Electric Blower/Vacuum- Customer Reviews

"Great blower, great price."
"I'm loving this more than shoving leaves in a garbage bag. I vacuumed a small pile of leaves and grass today with ease."

Toro 51609 Ultra Electric Blower / Vacuum with Metal Impeller


Variable Speed Control Gives you Ultimate Control Over Air Flow

Blower speed is an important factor in the kind of results you get when you are using a tool like this to organize your yard and keep it tidy. This is currently the only blower which gives you such a wide range of speeds. Some users describe it as infinite because it gives them that feeling of being able to go as high or as low as they want to go.
You can easily move a very large volume of debris in minutes when you use the highest speed on this device. If you have lots of trees in your yard or the trees that you have leave a large volume of leaves on your lawn every few days, this is a handy tool to have. It will cut down on the amount of work that you need to do and delivers air speeds of more than 230 miles per hour. Match that with air flow of almost 400 cubic feet per minute and you can shift lots of debris in seconds.

Leaf Shredder Mulcher- Clean Hard Surfaces Easily

While the Toro delivers maximum performance on lawns and around trees, it also works just as well on hard surfaces such as a stone driveway. Just use it on a low speed and you can clear debris from tight spaces without worrying about damaging anything around your house.

Leaf Blower Nozzles and Inserts For a Wide Range of Applications

Toro's 51609 Blower comes with inserts for a full range of applications. It makes it easy to get many different types of jobs done around your home. You can choose the right nozzle for whatever you are doing around your home. You can pack debris, move leaves that are stuck in difficult positions or move debris from around trees and plants.

Cons of Utilizing Toro's 51609 Electric Leaf Shredder Mulcher

There are very few cons associated with using this leaf blower. The Toro is a lot of fun to use and people are sometimes reluctant to lend it out because they may have a hard time getting it back. It makes clearing up leaves around your home a whole lots easier and is perfect for town houses and homes with large yards. You will generally find it easier to blow leaves with this tool when it is dry outside. Wet leave swill give you a hard time and may clog up the tubes so it will not work as well after a heavy rain. If you live in an area where rain is falling constantly, you may not be able to use it as often as you would like.

Your Hands Will Ache a Bit
If you use this leaf blower for an extended period, you hand will ache a bit. This is because it vibrates while it is working. However, by shaking out your hands after you use this you will find that they recover quickly.

Locking Mechanism for the Bag is Difficult to Manipulate
Some users have found that it is hard for them to use the locking mechanism that comes with the bag. The problem is not that the lock is not tight or sturdy. The lock is so sturdy that it is difficult to remove when you want the vacuum bag to be released. In fact, if you aren't careful you can get a finger caught in the edges.
The Toro 51609 Electric Leaf Blower makes it easy to clear your large or small lawn of leaves.

An electric blower like this does not need to be maintained or serviced as often as a gas powered device. There's no annoying pull cord to contend with when you want to use it. If you're not eager to spend valuable minutes out in the sun trying to get a gas blower to start, this is a good option. There are no suffocating fumes and with this flexible tool fro Toro, you can easily reduce 16 bags of leaves to just one.

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Get Moving Again with Ancient Herbs

There are many ways to get rid of debilitating pain and get the power to move again. Some people have found pain patches with ancient herbs helpful in alleviating chronic pain. Learn more here.

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Guyabano Leaves Tea Caution Movement Disorders

Quote from Jtrader regarding Guyabano Leaves Tea Caution Movement Disorders

"Some doctors advise that people who have movement disorders should be careful with using Guyabano. Since you have muscle spasms, I would not recommend that you start drinking the tea without your doctor's supervision.

When making a pot of tea for use as an herbal supplement with cancer, add 15 dried Guyabano leaves to every liter of hot water. Drink one cup three times a day.

If a person feels hungry after having a cup of guyabano tea, it is usually recommended that they wait about half an hour before eating.",-2015/graviola.aspx


Guyabano Leaves Tea Caution Movement Disorders
Guyabano Leaves Health Benefits
Guyabano Leaves Treatment

Benefits of Drinking Guyabano Leaves Tea

Benefits of Drinking Guyabano Leaves Tea

Wide Range of Benefits of Drinking Guyabano Leaves Tea
The benefits of these leaves are many and they are used for:
Curing colic
Curing convulsions

The young leaves may also be used as an effective treatment for pimples. When the sap from these leaves is placed on bumps, it induces suppuration.
Boiled guyabano leaves health benefits are important for people who are using chemotherapy to fight cancer. Unlike chemotherapy, guyabano extracts do not harm healthy cells.

Benefits of Drinking Guyabano Leaves Tea
Health Benefits and Effects of Boiled Guyabano Leaves
Guyabano Leaves Health Benefits
Guyabano Leaves Treatment

Health Benefits and Effects of Boiled Guyabano Leaves

Health Benefits and Effects of Boiled Guyabano Leaves

Guyabano leaves herbal medicine is popular in many parts of the world, including Jamaica, where a tea made from the leaves is used to calm the nerves.

Boiled guyabano leaves health benefits will help people of all ages. Guyabano leaves are helpful for several types of cancer.

The leaves are also used as traditional treatment which steadies the nerves. Research has shown that there are several chemical compounds which occur naturally in the guyabano plant and give it its health benefits.

Wide Range of Boiled Guyabano Leaves Health Benefits
The benefits of these leaves are many and they are used for:
Reducing fever
Alleviating pain from rheumatoid arthritis
Getting rid of skin infections


Benefits of Drinking Guyabano Leaves Tea
Health Benefits and Effects of Boiled Guyabano Leaves
Guyabano Leaves Health Benefits
Guyabano Leaves Treatment

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health benefits of Galacto-oligosaccharides

The health benefits of Galacto-oligosaccharides are often underrated. The increased presence of good bacteria boosts the immune system and makes the body better able to absorb certain minerals, such as calcium.

Galacto-oligosaccharides , otherwise called GOS, are an important part of the diet of humans. The health benefits of oligosaccharides are many. They are the non –digestible, carbohydrate part of human milk. Galacto-oligosaccharides promote the growth of friendly bacteria in the small intestine.

Galacto-oligosaccharides are found naturally in breast milk but are added to foods such as infant formula, food for the critically ill, fruit drinks, granola bars, dairy products, breakfast cereals and crackers. Studies show that eating foods that have been enriched with galacto-oligosaccharides results in an increase in the presence of good bacteria in the intestine. The increased presence of good bacteria boosts the immune system and makes the body better able to absorb certain minerals, such as calcium.


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Guyabano Leaves for Arthritis Pain Relief and Liver Disorders Natural Treatment

Guyabano Leaves for Arthritis Pain Relief and Liver Disorders Natural Treatment
You can drink Graviola or soursop juice to halt the progress of liver disease and keep this organ functioning the way it should. It is relatively easy to prepare the juice once you have access to the fresh fruit. The fruit can even be enjoyed in frozen desserts.

Guyabano Leaves for Arthritis Pain Relief and Liver Disorders Natural Treatment- Check with Your Doctor
Bear in mind that natural remedies for cancer and also other illnesses should be discussed with your physician. They can advise you as to whether you might be doubling up in a way that could negatively affect your body. Some of the substances that are found in plants are the same ones that are used in medications.

There are different types of arthritis. Several people across the world suffer from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. If you feel the symptoms of arthritis, always check with your doctor for a proper diagnosis, since there are other illnesses that can cause several of the same symptoms.

Using natural remedies for arthritis helps you to be less reliant on synthetic painkillers. People sometimes find that over time their bodies get accustomed to the level of medication that they are taking. As a result, they have to take more to get the same result that they did before. This is not ideal, since it leads people to become dependent on painkillers.

Doctors often recommend light exercise as one way of alleviating arthritis. They also advise that men and women have foods that are rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is used by the body to maintain healthy joints.

Graviola has been shown to be beneficial for arthritic joints. It is also a strong antibacterial agent and helps to lower blood pressure. This plant is also known as the Soursop or Guyabano. It thrives in the Amazon and in tropical countries like Jamaica, where it has been used in traditional medicine for many years. It bears a fruit that is green on the outside and has white, creamy pulp.

If you don’t have a way to get the fresh fruit, try getting the dried leaves. This is used for tea in Jamaica and in other parts of the world. Never boil the leaves. Add hot water to them and steep the leaves. The tea is powerful and even helps to steady the nerves.

Get Soursop Leaves on Amazon Today for Arthritis Pain Relief

 Product Details

The liver works hard every day. All the blood passes through it and toxic substances such as caffeine are broken down into other chemicals. People with liver disease cannot break down these substances as easily. Graviola strengthens the liver and keeps it healthy. It builds your immune system and helps you to fight infections.